Originally posted by Akknitter on Ravelry.

“I have a new name for this bag. It can no longer be the Synapse 25. She is now my Tardis.

Okay, let’s start out with her packed only with my Swift. Essentially, I packed my Swift for travel and stuck it in the main compartment:

Akknitter's Synapse 25

For those wondering about the size of this bag, I’m 5’6”.

Next: fully loaded after a fun weekend at MDS&W or Rhinebeck

Akknitter's Synapse 25

Okay, pictures of what it holds.

Akknitter's Synapse 25

5 skeins of sock yarn and 2 skeins of worsted that went in the bottom pocket (3 sock), water bottle pocket (2 sock) and side pockets (1 each worsted)

Add to that, 3 four ounce braids of fluff in the main compartment on top of the Swift.

And finally, my Swift

For those who are curious. What’s in my Swift for travel.

Akknitter's Synapse 25

I tuck the iPad in its case behind one of the pockets. Fits beautifully.

Food in a size 2 travel sack.”