Back to school with the Ristretto

“The features of the bag itself speak volumes, however my personal story with the Ristretto may add another dimension to the many college students out there. I’m a current business student at Sacramento State University and have made it a goal this upcoming semester to go paperless. It won’t be easy by any stretch but this past semester I was able to accomplish a semi-paperless routine. Now that I’m going full on, this semester means no traditional note taking, all eBooks if possible, and limited use of paper unless absolutely required. I will be able to accomplish everything I need using either my MacBook Air or iPad. On a side note, I’m even taking the public train system and riding a scooter to school from the station. Bag and all.

The Ristretto bag is the perfect fit. Just enough space, comfortable to carry, and highly stylish I might add. It is the best bag I’ve ever owned for reasons beyond what can be highlighted in this review.”

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