Inside the main compartment of our Cadet briefcase clips the Cache for Cadet: a specially modified version of our popular Cache laptop sleeve. Using two Gatekeeper clips, the bottom edge of the Cache for Cadet attaches to two vertical pieces of webbing sewn into the Cadet. When passing through a TSA checkpoint, you can easily slide your laptop/iPad (still in its protective Cache for Cadet) out of the Cadet for x-ray inspection; your laptop remains protected and attached to the Cadet.

At the time that you order a Cadet, you are given the option of choosing one size of Cache for Cadet. On the Cache for Cadet page, you can order additional sizes of Cache for Cadet (some folks have more than one laptop and switch between them) or a new size of Cache for Cadet if you’ve upgraded to a new laptop.

Cache for Cadet page. Available in sizes designed specifically to fit Apple laptops (fits some PCs, too.) $30. Ships within one business day.

TOM BIHN Cache for Cadet