Ristretto for iPad reviewed by Don McAllister
The Ristretto for iPad in Black/Steel.


On the recent MacMania 15 trip to Australia, we had over 20 hours of air travel to endure, and the Ristretto managed to keep both my wife and I in sufficient gadgets for the entire trip. It actually held:

3 x iPad 2 (well they only have 10 hours of battery life)
1 x iPad mini
1 x iPod touch
1 x Kindle Paperwhite
1 x Kindle
1 x Bose QC 15 Noise Cancelling Headphones (in hard case)
Spare Batteries
Apple Headphones
Various pens and styli
Spare glasses
Passports and Travel documents
Sweets (got to have some sweets)

The Ristretto just swallowed the lot!

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