“I cannot effectively put into words my trip to Tom Bihn, meeting Tom, Darcy, Katy and Brian, seeing the team of the rest of the employees hard at work, my personal tour and shopping experiences. I will just say it was amazing!

My little family of bags has grown, and I have a even greater sense of satisfaction in my purchases knowing; the thought that goes into each one, the fact that they are made for an honest wage, the company really cares for its employees, the company’s philosophies are a part of how they operate, not lip service or an outward statement and lastly, I feel like I “get” Tom so much more now. The designs are worked over so thoroughly to ensure that the product that is delivered is one that is at it’s fullest potential. There is nothing half hazard in the process of design here.

I have personally made suggestions, and have seen many made for combinations of certain fabrics for certain bags and seen that there is no movement forward to produce said bag, the thing that we don’t see on the purchasing end is that many of them have already been made/tried and didn’t meet the standard of quality that Tom, and the team of employees puts into what the name Tom Bihn is labeled onto, so those options aren’t available. The same can be said for designs in progress.

It’s great to invest in this kind of all around quality and the products are worth it. They last through real use and time and come out on the other side often looking no worse for wear. Often looking even nicer from the patina of use!”

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