Riley, Tom Bihn's dog, in the snow

Riley, Tom’s dog.

This weekend saw the first snow event in the lowlands of Western Washington. Up high, that means plenty of snow for snowshoeing and other fun stuff. The Synapse is a great daypack for many outings, though when you need to carry a lot of extra winter gear to be prepared, you might want to (because we do) use the Smart Alec or Brain Bag. All three backpacks have hydration tube clips on the front shoulder strap (useful for those of you who use a Camelbak or similar hydration system) which we’ll take some in-use photos of soon. If you have a specialized pack you use for outdoors stuff, more power to you, but if you want to get out and up, know your Synapse, Smart Alec, or Brain Bag can make the trip with you.

Synapse in the snow

It was pretty dark by the time we took this photo, so we used a headlamp as a light source.