Below is an email we recently received from G.

“I wanted to compliment you on the outstanding products you provide. I recently purchased the Citizen Canine and I absolutely loved it so much I needed to have more of your great products that I went ahead and purchased the Ristretto for the 13 in mac. I couldn’t be happier with the bag. It has so much room, yet looks very compact, I get compliments about it all the time. Some food for thought, a cell phone pouch on the shoulder strap would be nice. Although I love the organization capabilities of the front pocket, the cell phone is something most people would want quick and easy access too, and I would be happy to purchase such said accessory. With my order I also purchased your 14 oz glass bottle, very nice by the way. I just wish the Ristretto had a water bottle pocket on the side, although it fits just fine inside the bag, it takes up space for books, folders, notebooks, etc. All in all, I am a very satisfied customer, so much so that I have become an advocate of your fine product line. I wish Tom Bihn the best in all their business endeavors, and will look to your company for all my bag needs.”

— G.

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