“Having rebooked my connection, I no longer had a seat on this flight, so I went to the counter, explained my situation and asked if there was any way I could get back on to my original flight. The agent looked at my small bags, made sure I had no checked bags (of course not!), and then reviewed her computer. I was in luck! Having all my bags with me allowed me on to the flight minutes prior to them closing the door.

The next challenge was where to store my bags– all of the overheads were by now chock-full. The stewardess looked at my bags, and asked– “do you think you can get that (the Aeronaut) under the seat?” Believe it or not, I got the Aeronaut under the seat in front of me, threw my Synapse into small space available overhead, and was ready to go.

Having this kind of flexibility and quick movement would never have been possible with a roller bag. I got home a few hours prior to when I would otherwise have arrived, with all my bags and belongings safe, sound and in my possession. Thanks to the folks at Tom Bihn for a great set of bags and accessories that made this possible!”

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