“Just a post, of which I imagine there are many, as a testament to the exceptional build quality of The Empire Builder.

I purchased mine over 6 years ago for a trip to Hamburg to serve primarily as a briefcase. Since then it has seen daily use in rain/snow/extreme heat. Going in and out of the floorboards and trunks of cars, overhead bins (checked it many times) on planes, boats/ferrys and hotels all over the world. It is now my exclusive goto for 1-2 day trips, holding everything I need for business and wearables. So awesome to travel light.
The Absolute neoprene shoulder strap has been a life saver more times than I could begin to count!!! Standing in the endless line, or running to catch a connecting flight at a gate on the dark side of the moon, the Empire Builder loaded beyond capacity, with even more stuff strapped to the side and somehow i have not once lost the circulation to my arm/shoulder and my shoulder is never jacked at the end of a 12hr travel day.

Another huge plus. My travel related hard drive failures have gone to nil since my laptops been in the Brain Cell.

As dirty as its been, 99% of the time a wipe with a damp cloth and it looks brand new again. Need a tie made of that material.

To date NOTHING, absolutely ZERO anything has failed or fallen apart on this bag. Not even a stitch has frayed.”

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