“Last year, I spent 45 days driving a 9,300 mile loop around the country. My Tom Bihn bags were a great help and most of them were in and out of the car with me every night (I had a couple of longer stops, but mostly kept moving each night). Halfway through, I picked up my BFF in Delaware and we had a TB bag-fest going on in the back of the car. This picture, in Virginia Beach, shows 1) my Honda Element, the best road trip car *ever*, 2) my Synapse, Aeronaut, and Co-Pilot, 3) the BFF’s Side Effect and Aeronaut, and 4) a bunch of other gear (the trip included some camping so we were pretty loaded down!).

There were some packing cubes (Aeronaut, 3D, clear quarter) inside, but I wanted to share this picture of our all-around-the-U.S. bags!”

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tCook: 45 day, 9,300 mile road trip with TOM BIHN bags