“I thought I’d drop you a line to tell you how impressed I’ve been with my Smart Alec, and what a tough bit of kit it proved to be.

I have ridden my motorbike to work and back, every day, no matter what the weather. My Smart Alec went with with me on every journey, safely carrying my laptop and other bits and pieces. Last year I was involved in an accident, in which I bounced down the road at around 50mph. My motorcycle was a wreck. I broke both legs and smashed one arm to bits. But….. my backpack and contents survived with just a little scuffing as you can see in the attached photo. I think a few “battle scars” only add to its appeal!

So it was really no contest what make of bag I chose to protect my new tablet computer – I’ve just received my Ristretto and I’m absolutely delighted with it.

Many, many thanks.”

— Ian

The TOM BIHN Smart Alec backpack is one tough kit

Note: Ian’s Smart Alec probably looks different to you because it’s the original version. The updated Smart Alecsee here — has the distinctive reflective and removable bungee cord.