themacfanatic: The Tom Bihn Ristretto! – Initial Feelings

“The materials it is made with are top notch and the bag just looks incredible.  My fiance actually started laughing at me when she saw me open the box and watched as my eyes bulged out of my head!  I was just so impressed (and excited about the extra accessories!) by the initial look of the bag.”

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Jeff Mac posted this response to themacfanatic’s review:

“Nice quick review, I am looking forward to the video run through! You should be warned that Tom Bihn bags are like Lays Potato chips and you will NEVER be able to stop at one!

They also last forever, so while the up front cost is high… the actual cost of owning one is not.

I have not pounced on a Ristretto yet as I am fiddling with which lap top case they make will be perfect for me.”