“Wow. The Checkpoint Flyer turned out to be worth every penny.

On my recent trip I had to clear numerous airport security setups. In the US, everywhere let me just send my unclipped Checkpoint Flyer right through. One TSA agent even took a closer look and made a comment that it was a terrific bag. He loved how it unfolded so easily. Only in Canada did I have to take the laptop out of the bag. The bag definitely earned its name–I flew through security.

The front zippered pockets were perfect for accessing small items during my flights (the entire, stuffed bag fit easily under the seat). The travel document pocket was definitely appreciated. I also liked the two zippered “secret” pockets between the laptop bag and the main compartment. I kept my financial items in that section.

The quality of construction and well-thought out components made this purchase a worthwhile value instead of a luxury item. I’ll be using this bag quite a bit!”

— Excerpted from an email sent to us by K.

Checkpoint Flyer by TOM BIHN
The Checkpoint Flyer in Black/Steel with the Absolute Shoulder Strap.