Cats inspecting the Aeronauts

mfield posted in the TOM BIHN Forums:
“After checking the UPS status 9 times today our new His (steel & solar) and Hers (forest & ultraviolet) Aeronauts just arrived.

WOW!!! These are beautifully designed and flawlessly fabricated objects. Thank you Tom Bihn Crew!!!

We loaded the bags with Pendleton blankets and walked around in small circles testing the Absolute strap and the backpack straps. Our initial reaction is that these have got to be the most comfortable carry on sized bags ever made in the history of planet earth – especially when loaded with soft wool blankets and walking barefoot on a nice Persian rug – we could have walked all night.

Gearing up for my lovely wife’s 50th birthday getaway in Tofino B.C. It’s still a month away but I’m starting to pack right now just to keep messing around with the Aeronaut(s)

Cats are examining the bobbin tension on the stitches. They said the stitching looks nice and even on both sides and that there were no dangling threads. They also suggested that a bag of this caliber would be a more dignified manner of transport to the Vet.”

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