Month: November 2011

Citizen Canine Update

Introducing the Citizen Canine

Our Seattle factory crew is hard at work making the first batch of Citizen Canine bags, and they’re expected to ship on schedule (or even before) on December 7th.

Introducing the Citizen Canine
Photo shows one Krebs Recycle leash clipped to the shoulder strap and one clipped to the waist strap of the Citizen Canine.

In other news, thanks in part to customer Miraz (via Facebook), we’re going to include two leash clips with the optional Waist Strap that can be ordered with the Citizen Canine. (The Citizen Canine comes standard with a shoulder strap that also has two leash clips.) We’ve also added the option on the Citizen Canine page for you to add two additional leash clips for $1. This is for those of you who (like us) have more than one dog and thus more than one leash.

One Bag, One World Review: Travel Tray

One Bag One World Gear Review: Tom Bihn Travel Tray

“I was allowed to check out the product webpage and video prior to its launch last Monday. It quickly struck me that there was another use for this item. When I go to the airport and have to go through security, everything has to come off and go into a small tray easily accessible to roving hands—wallet, keys, change, Beretta, cellphone, notepad, pens, etc.

But with the Travel Tray, I can put all these items into it, seal it with the drawstring, and put it all in my carry-on. Then once through security, rather than fumbling to put everything back on me while both holding up the line as well as adding to the possibility of leaving something behind, I just have to grab my bag and shoes and go to my gate. Once comfortably seated at the gate, I can then remove the Travel Tray from my carry-on and replace those items onto my person.”

One Bag One World Gear Review: Tom Bihn Travel Tray

Read the full review at One Bag, One World. See also: the Travel Tray (note: we have sold out of the first batch of Travel Tray. Our Seattle factory crew is making more, and we expect them to ship by the middle of next week.)

The Points Guy: Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

The Points Guy: Holiday Gift Guide for Travelers

Featuring our 3D Clear Organizer Cube“Made by the iconic travel luggage brand that often uses nearly indestructible materials like “1050d U.S. ballistic nylon and YKK splash-proof zippers”, this 3-1-1 TSA compliant bag is perfect for housing your precious liquids when traveling.” – and more cool stuff. Read more at The Points Guy.

TOM BIHN 3D Clear Organizer Cube 3-1-1 Travel Bag

One Bag, One World Review: Travel Money Belt

Introducing the Citizen Canine

“All of the other belts are “one size fits all.” They only come in one big size. If too big, the manufacturers suggest you cut the belt down to size.

Cut the belt down to size? Even I who doesn’t sew, or knit, or know any of the needle crafts, knows that if you cut the end of a belt like this, it will eventually fray and come loose. It will look terrible.

But the Tom Bihn [Travel Money Belt] is different. It comes in a range of sizes from XS to XL. No need to cut. (And if XL isn’t big enough, send them an email and they’ll cut one to size.)”

Read the full review at One Bag, One World.

Introducing the Citizen Canine

Introducing the Citizen Canine

The Citizen Canine is a small bag designed to come along when you take your best friend for a walk. The treat compartment makes up the top two-thirds of the bag; the top edge of the pouch is stiffened to remain open for easy access, but closes with a drawstring so the treats stay inside otherwise. The treat portion is also big enough to fit a tennis or similar sized ball (or toy) if your buddy is more inspired by fetch than by food.

Introducing the Citizen Canine

Poop bags dispense discreetly from a soft plastic grommet on the lower back side of the Citizen Canine; there’s zippered access to the inside of the Citizen Canine where a clever metal pin assembly retains the roll of bags so they can roll easily. We ship the Citizen Canine with one roll of compostable BioBags; more are available for purchase here.

Introducing the Citizen Canine

On first glance it may seem like a simple little bag, but on further inspection you’ll be impressed how many cool features we’ve packed in to such a small amount of real estate. For us, making such a small, feature-filled bag is a bit like working in nano-technology: the cutting and sewing gets more challenging as it all gets smaller.

Introducing the Citizen Canine

There’s a front zippered pocket sized to fit an iPhone (room enough for ID/credit card/cash too) AND a back zippered pocket sized for keys, change, or a clicker, so you can go out with the Citizen Canine and nothing more. Plus, below the label on the front of the bag is a loop of nylon webbing so you can attach a Guardian Light for use after dark.

  • $55. Includes shoulder strap and one roll of BioBag compostable dog waste bags.
  • We will donate $5 for every Citizen Canine purchased to Old Dog Haven, an organization that finds foster or permanent homes for senior dogs, through Dec. 31st, 2011
  • Available for pre-order; ships by December 7th
  • Available in colors: Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Steel/Ultraviolet, Kiwi/Ultraviolet, Navy/Solar, Forest/Steel, and Cardinal/Steel
  • Optional Krebs Recycle leash clips to shoulder or waist strap for when you and your dog have off-leash fun
  • Introducing the Travel Tray: Don’t sweat the small stuff (don’t lose it.)

    Introducing the Travel Money Belt

    Pop the Travel Tray out of your luggage when you arrive at your destination and drop in your keys, coins, wallet, cell phone — all that small stuff that you don’t want to have wander off while you sleep.

    Introducing the Travel Money Belt

    Unlike other travel trays, our Travel Tray pulls shut with a drawstring so it can be used for more than just organizing the top of your bureau. Need to depart with some degree of alacrity? Simply leave some or all of those little things in the tray, pull the drawstring and hit the road.

    $22. In stock, ships within one business day. Available in four colors: Steel, Solar, Ultraviolet, and Iberian.

    Watch a video demonstrating the Travel Tray.

    Introducing the Travel Money Belt

    Introducing the Travel Money Belt

    The Travel Money Belt is a simple and clever way to discreetly carry cash, traveler’s cheques and/or a photocopy of your passport. It’s made of 1-1/4″ / 32mm heavy nylon webbing with a simple plastic buckle, which means no moving parts to break. Concealed on the underside of the belt is a 20″ / 500mm #3.5 YKK coil zipper with a plastic zipper slider. The pocket created by the zipper can hold up to 15 US $100 bills: three stacks of five bills, folded into thirds or quarters. Because the Travel Money Belt has no metal parts, you can wear it through some airport security checkpoints (not Advanced Imaging Technology, though.)

    $20. In sizes Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large (want a bigger size? Email or call us and we’ll make one for you.) Available for pre-order; ships by December 2nd.

    Introducing the Travel Money Belt

    Tomorrow: new bag for dog people ($5 to Old Dog Haven)

    New bag for dog people debuting tomorrow ($5 to Old Dog Haven)
    Skookum waits for a treat

    If you’re waiting for our new bag designed for people with dogs to debut, your patience will be rewarded tomorrow. And to celebrate its debut, we will donate $5 from every sale of the new bag to one of our favorite organizations, Old Dog Haven.

    Open tomorrow for Small Business Saturday

    We’ll be open tomorrow, November 26th for Small Business Saturday. Katy and Eliam will be at the store ready to help you find the right bag. See you there! 12-5pm.

    4750A Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

    TOM BIHN Seattle store will open on Small Business Saturday, November 26th

    Happy Thanksgiving

    We’re winding things down for the day and getting ready to enjoy a four day weekend with our friends and family. We’ll be back on Monday replying to emails, answering phones, shipping orders, cutting fabric, and sewing bags.

    From all of us at TOM BIHN: Happy Thanksgiving!

    News Briefs

    New designs available for order 11/27 @ 8:00am PT have been revealed: meet the Pop Tote, Guide’s Edition Synapse 25, and Synapse 19/25 Internal Frames.

    The Founder’s Briefcase is retiring. Once the existing Founder’s Briefcases sell out, they’ll be gone for good.

    Last batch of Smart Alecs + new batch of Travel Cubelets ship 11/15 @ 8:00am PT

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