Month: January 2013

In stock: Snake Charmer

The Snake Charmer is back in-stock and ready to ship in all colors: Black, Steel, Cayenne, Wasabi, and Sapphire.

Don McAllister: My Perfect Travel Bag

The Ristretto for iPad in Black/Steel. Excerpt: On the recent MacMania 15 trip to Australia, we had over 20 hours of air travel to endure, and the Ristretto managed to keep both my wife and I in sufficient gadgets for the entire trip. It actually held: 3 x iPad 2 (well they only have 10…

“Working at the Grand Canyon with the @tombihn Camera I/O” — @idbjorh (Ian Bjorhovde)

First Photos (athanasios): Smart Alec in Steel Dyneema/Wasabi

Posted by athanasios in the Forums. Read the full thread (and see more photos) here. See also: the Smart Alec

News Briefs

We’ve decided to retire the Sprout and Small Shop Bag to make way for new designs. This is the last chance to order them.

Another handy new website feature: once you’ve viewed a bag on our website you’ll see a Recently Viewed Bags drop-down menu appear under the search box. As always, let us know what you think:

New website functionality! Click the Compare checkbox on most bags on category pages to compare them to other bags. As always, let us know what you think:

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