Month: May 2013

dorayme: Hemp Swift as a Market Bag

“The Swift is the perfect Market bag. It looked so stylish, yet allowed me to carry many smaller purchases and items without feeling like a bag lady. In fact, the only thing that went into the shop bag was our pastries from Pirosky’s.” dorayme with her Swift in Hemp/Recycled Rubber at Pike Place Market.

Tactical Gearhead Reviews the Travel Tray

“Also made from super-tough Dyneema fabric, the Travel Tray is a great accessory to use when removing items from your pockets while on a plane, in a car, or at the end of the day when collapsing in your hotel room.” Read the full review at Tactical Gearhead.

Tizi: Co-Pilot Goes to AZ

Posted by Tizi in the Forums. See also: the Co-Pilot.

The (Essential Item) Doodles Are In

Doodlers Anonymous challenged you to draw your most essential item, the thing you’d take with you if you could only bring along one thing. The submissions are in and now it’s time to vote for your favorite. The winner gets a Synapse 19 backpack. Just one of the 70 submitted doodles. See all of them…

Backcountry Treks: A Bag to Travel the World (Synapse 25)

Justin Lukasavige of Backcountry Treks reviews the Synapse 25: “In the video above I traveled to Seattle for a three day trip, packing everything (including laptop) in only one bag. This summer I’ll be traveling throughout Asia and again, only bringing the Synapse 25.”

AppleTell: Synapse 25 Review

“Combining spaciousness, an expansive soft shell, and an attractive, clean design, the Tom Bihn Synapse 25 bag is an attractive choice for people who need versatility from their backpack. The Cache on Rails upgrade makes it checkpoint-friendly, and for bikers and hikers, you can add a safety light or a built-in emergency whistle. Pricey but…

Louis claims the Aeronaut

Louis claims the Aeronaut. Follow Ang, Ryan, and Louis as they travel the world full-time and blog about it over at Jets Like Taxis.

ncb4: Side Effect Fits the Kindle Paperwhite

“You can just see the edge of the Paperwhite in its purple case sticking out here, but the zipper closes over it with no problem.” Posted by ncb4 in the Forums. See also: the Side Effect.

nsh: Hong Kong Practice Packing List (Synapse + MCB)

“It is a rainy cold Saturday in Boston. Naturally, I decided to practice pack for my upcoming week long June trip to Hong Kong! I am tagging along with my husband while he is at a work conference. We tacked on a few days for fun together but I will be in charge of my…

Gene Marks: 10 Ways to Get Through the Airport Quickly

Tip #4 “Don’t check bags. Yes, I’m telling you to be one of those annoying guys with the shoulder bag and the roller bag (Me? I’ve got an awesome Tom Bihn bag that holds a week’s worth of clothes and fits anywhere). It’s not just about the baggage fees. It’s about time. Even if you…

News Briefs

New FAQs: Debut Schedule, How Debuts Work + How To Get Notified

We posted a photo on Instagram of Tom’s very first pack design.

The Guide’s Pack is now back in stock, just in time for that autumn hike!

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