If you already have one of our bags, you probably know about (and perhaps love) our O-rings.

If you’re new to our bags, you may be wondering — what’s all this about O-rings? They are just as they sound: small, round, plastic rings sewn inside many of the compartments and pockets of our bags.

Cool things you can do with O-rings:

Any of our Organizer Pouches can be clipped to O-rings to add further organization.

Clip an extra Key Strap or Utility Strap to an O-ring to keep track of an extra set of keys, your work/school ID, pocket watch, or Swiss Army knife.

The Guardian Dual Function Light, a dual-function safety light, can also be clipped to an O-ring and used to illuminate the interior of your bag.

Clip a 3D Clear Organizer Cube to an O-ring via a Key Strap, and you have a TSA 3-1-1 liquids bag on a tether — ensuring you won’t lose the Cube when going through the airport security line.

Ode To the O-Ring Organizational System from TOM BIHN on Vimeo.

All About O-Rings | TOM BIHN Bags

All About O-Rings | TOM BIHN Bags