News Briefs

Travel Cubelet back in-stock

The Travel Cubelet is back in-stock in all colors.

Synapse 19 In-Stock in All Colors

The Synapse 19 is back in-stock and ready to ship in all colors. Yeoman Duffels and Tri-Stars, too.

Update on Canyon 210d and Carbon Aether

We’ve retired Canyon 210d ballistic nylon and Carbon Aether. See a list of bags still available in these two colors and fabrics here.

Retiring: Night Flight Travel Duffel

We’ve decided to retire the Night Flight Travel Duffel. Read all about it here.

New Cache Design

The Cache laptop/tablet sleeve now has a zipper closure and works in both horizontal and vertical formats. See the new Cache here. For the previous version, see Pre-2018 Cache.

Packing Cube Day

We introduced New Packing Cubes, retired a few existing Packing Cube sizes, and published our Packing Cubes FAQ.

Road Duffel Retirement

Heads-up! We’ve decided to retire the Road Duffel, Large (sold out) and Road Duffel, Medium (some are still available) to make way for new designs.

Update on the Small Shop Bag

Darcy has posted a Forum update on the Small Shop Bag + hints of new designs to come. See here.

Sprout and Small Shop Bag Are Retiring

We’ve decided to retire the Sprout and Small Shop Bag to make way for new designs. This is the last chance to order them.

Recently Viewed Bags

Another handy new website feature: once you’ve viewed a bag on our website you’ll see a Recently Viewed Bags drop-down menu appear under the search box. As always, let us know what you think:

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