The First Bag I Made

Tom Bihn's G.I. Joe External Backpack and Ice Axe

The very first bag I ever made was when I was about 10 years old: it was an external frame backpack for my G.I. Joe.

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The History of Portable Culture

The History of Portable Culture | TOM BIHN

From 1990 until 1999, my business was my retail store/workshop in downtown Santa Cruz, California. For not quite ten years, I walked or rode my bike to work everyday (I only drove once!), along with my dog Faux Pas. Initially, I built every bag myself right there in my shop, though I eventually found a…

Labels 1975 – 2017

TOM BIHN History of Labels

A brief history of TOM BIHN logo labels over the years. See also: History of Portable Culture

Holiday Schedule 2016

Holiday Schedule 2016 | TOM BIHN

Expert Gift Giving Advice Want help figuring out which bag to give? Give us a call (1-800-729-9607 U.S. & Canada or +1-206-652-4123 other countries) or Our Bag Experts—Mark, Kat, Mike and Matthew—are here and glad to help. Helping people find the right bag is one of our favorite things to do and it’s extra…

Thanking Our Investors

Tom Bihn: Thanking Our Investors

Every person who has ever purchased a TOM BIHN bag is, in a way, an investor: I cannot put into words how grateful I am that you folks allow me and my company to do what we do. You’re helping us create some good jobs, as well as allowing me to have the time of…

Visit Our New Seattle Factory Showroom

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory Showroom is open

Our newly remodeled Seattle Factory Showroom is now open! Our goal for the remodel was to create a welcoming space for those who make the trek all the way down to this semi-industrial area of Seattle, a space that would share the history of our company and the evolution of our designs. And perhaps best…

Factory Showroom Update


As usual, we’re doing things our way, and in the case of the Seattle Factory Showroom, that means we’re taking our time with its remodel. (You’re welcome to make an appointment—206-652-4123 or—to come by as long as you’re cool with our happy remodeling chaos.) The work we’re doing conceiving our new Factory Showroom space…

Tearing Down Walls: Changes, Growth, and the Seattle Showroom

Heraclitus said, “Everything changes and nothing stands still.” Whether in the life of a person or in the life of a business, change isn’t always extreme or sudden—it can be so ongoing and constant that you might not realize that things are different until one day they are. Here at the factory we’re in the midst of a series…

Skookum Dog and TOM BIHN Team Up

One day, a few years back, we (the creative team at TOM BIHN) were hanging out with our dogs, as we do most of the time. It was at the beach, or on some mountain trail, as the story is now told. At some point we all looked at each other and said: “We are…

2014 In Review

Design We could call 2014 the Year Of Design. The long-awaited Aeronaut 30 and The Parental Unit were released; and we surprised everyone with the Daylight Briefcase and Daylight Backpack. The Night Flight Travel Duffle was introduced as a carry-on bag but also quickly gained popularity as a camera bag. Tom recalled a design from…

News Briefs

New FAQs: Debut Schedule, How Debuts Work + How To Get Notified

We posted a photo on Instagram of Tom’s very first pack design.

The Guide’s Pack is now back in stock, just in time for that autumn hike!

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