The First Bag I Made

Tom Bihn's G.I. Joe External Backpack and Ice Axe

The very first bag I ever made was when I was about 10 years old: it was an external frame backpack for my G.I. Joe.

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Which Size of Cafe Bag is Right for You?

Which Size of Cafe Bag Is Right For You? | TOM BIHN

We published this guide to the Cafe Bag back in 2015, and we’re re-posting it now to reflect some changes to the Cafe Bag line. The Cafe Bag is incredibly simple and versatile. Available in two sizes (Small and Medium) and an array of colors and fabrics, it’s great for hauling your everyday essentials. Classic…

Making Bags is a Bihn Family Tradition

TOM BIHN | Making bags is a Bihn Family tradition

I can’t remember how exactly it started, but back in the 1970s, my mother took up the hobby of working with leather. Living near Santa Cruz, she had easy access to leather from the Salz Tannery. The tannery had a small retail store on site, known as “The Dead Cow”, which also sold leather working…

Sketchbook + Pen For You (From Tom)

TOM BIHN Recycled Square Notebook

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve grown very fond of square sketchbooks. I think that’s because they don’t confine me to a particular perspective. I love turning a sketch 90 or 180 degrees mid-process and discovering a new way of seeing things. For years I’d buy my sketchbooks in Canada: they sold a very nice series…

The History of Portable Culture

The History of Portable Culture | TOM BIHN

From 1990 until 1999, my business was my retail store/workshop in downtown Santa Cruz, California. For not quite ten years, I walked or rode my bike to work everyday (I only drove once!), along with my dog Faux Pas. Initially, I built every bag myself right there in my shop, though I eventually found a…

Design Update: Aeronaut 45

TOM BIHN Aeronaut 45 Design Updates

You know us: we can’t leave good enough alone. Our Aeronaut 45 maximum carry-on travel bag has been updated with a couple of new features and a few materials updates. All Aeronaut 45s available for order have these new features. #10 YKK Aquaguard Coil Zippers with Lockable Sliders We’ve changed the #10 zipper sliders on…

Design Update: Parental Unit

TOM BIHN Parental Unit Design Updates

Tom has made several design updates to our Parental Unit diaper bag inspired by feedback posted on our Forums, shared with us by friends and family who use the P.U., and Tom’s observations of it in use. All Parental Units available for order include these new features and updates. We’ve also introduced a new accessory…

Tom’s Grandfather’s Table

Tom's Grandfathers Table

When I began making outdoor gear, in about 1972, I used the back side of a ping pong table on saw horses, out in the garage, as a cutting surface. At some point my parents wanted their garage back and I was therefore in need of a more modest sized cutting table. The year was…

New Design! The Synapse 3000

Introducing the Synapse 3000 | TOM BIHN

We’re proud to introduce the first-ever 3000 cubic liter backpack — the Synapse 3000: Estimated shipping date for the Synapse 3000 is mid-2030 (though from a non-linear, non-subjective view point — time is a Timey Wimey Wibbly Wobbly ball of stuff). We recommend putting the date on your calendar because don’t blink or they’ll be…

Encore, Encore: The Little Swift

Little Swift Encore | TOM BIHN

Lulu, Andrea, Candi and Edelmira model the Little Swift. Though we officially retired the Little Swift in 2014, we’ve decided to bring it back for one more production run. The Little Swift is the smaller version of our Swift knitting bag—a shoulder bag specifically for knitters and crafty types, designed by Tom in collaboration with…

News Briefs

New FAQs: Debut Schedule, How Debuts Work + How To Get Notified

We posted a photo on Instagram of Tom’s very first pack design.

The Guide’s Pack is now back in stock, just in time for that autumn hike!

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