Very sad news about Steve Jobs. The creativity, clarity and foresight he brought to Apple remain an inspiration to many of us, most certainly the many millions who use Apple products, but also those, who like me, were inspired by the human touch he gave both Apple technology and Apple business. Thank you, Steve, for the countless ways you enriched our lives. We will miss you.
– Tom

In stock: Swift in Turquoise, Azalea

The Swift is in-stock in two new colors: Turquoise and Azalea.

In stock: Swift in Turquoise, Azalea

In stock: Swift in Turquoise, Azalea

In stock: RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, Shop Bag, Packing Cubes, +more

Thanks to our awesome Seattle factory crew, the following bags are just in and ready to ship within one business day:

Empire Builder, all colors
RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, all colors
Shop Bag, all colors
Packing Cubes, all sizes
Medium Cafe bag, all colors
Smart Alec, all colors
Size 6X Horizontal Brain Cell
Tri-Star in Black/Steel and Steel/Solar (other out of stock colors will ship soon)

September Hike with the Synapse

September Hike with the Synapse

See more photos from our recent hike with the Synapse, our dayhiking pack of choice.

In stock: Smart Alec, Cache for Apple Keyboard, 4Z Vertical Brain Cell

Just in from our Seattle factory and shipping within one business day:

Smart Alec in all colors, including Black/Cardinal/Steel, Black/Navy/Solar, and Black/Steel/Ultraviolet.

Cache for Apple Wireless Keyboard

Size 4Z Vertical Brain Cell (for the 15″ MacBook Pro)

Medium Cafe bag in colors Black/Steel and Steel/Cayenne (other colors will be in-stock soon.)

Kirby’s Story

Yesterday, we posted a photo of Kirby with his paw on guardian Avi’s Ego messenger bag.

You guys really liked Kirby’s photo (we did too), so we asked Avi to tell us more about Kirby. Here’s Kirby’s story:

Kirby's Story
Follow Kirby on Twitter (yes, he has his own account) to continue his story.

Aeronaut: ready to ship in all colors

Our Aeronaut maximum carry-on travel bag is back in-stock and shipping in all colors: Steel/Ultraviolet, Steel/Solar, Steel/Steel, Navy/Solar, Navy/Iberian, Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Forest/Steel, Forest/Ultraviolet, and Cardinal/Steel.
The Aeronaut

The Aeronaut

The Aeronaut

Duwamish River Festical (this Saturday in Seattle)

Rita's first trip with her Aeronaut

One of the things we appreciate most about our new location in the Georgetown district of Seattle is our proximity to the Lower Duwamish River. We can grab tacos from a truck and head over to a park overlooking the river for lunch to see osprey, otters, and herons. The Duwamish River does need our help: in 2001, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) listed the Lower Duwamish River as a federal Superfund site. That’s where the Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition comes in. And this Saturday, the DRCC will host the Duwamish River Festival, a multilingual educational festival focused on the health of the river and its surrounding communities. Enjoy a walk-bike-paddle event, music and dance performances, food, kids’ art activities, kayak and boat rides, amongst other cool stuff.

Will we see you (Seattle folk) there? We hope so. It should be lots of fun.

In stock: the Brain Bag backpack

The Brain Bag backpack is now in-stock in all colors: Black, Steel, Olive, Navy, and Universal Camouflage.

In stock: the Brain Bag backpack

In stock: the Brain Bag backpack

Chris Gullebeau: How To Do The Right Thing

Chris Gullebeau: How To Do The Right Thing
Chris Guillebeau quotes Tom in his latest post on the Art of Non-ConformityHow To Do The Right Thing. Read it here.

News Briefs

Restocked this week: our Brain Bag and Synapse 25 backpacks and the Side Kick sling/waist/shoulder pack.

EveryDayCommentary, Fatih Arslan, and Living One Handed have new reviews Nik’s Minimalist Wallet. Dominique reviewed the Synapse 19. Shoba Narayan reviewed the Aeronaut 30 + Synapse.

Early reviews of the Luminary 12 / 15 from the Forum community are in. See L15 reviews by logan_g, G42, Lia, anna2222, Quiltmama, and L12 reviews by marbenais, awurrlu and L12/L15 comparison reviews by Cristina, aedifica, bartleby.

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