Last Week In Photos

“It’s going to be another good weekend with Timmy and The Nics.”

Photo by @meggrollstation

Last Week In Photos

“I took my son for a walk today with my wife, he is only 10 weeks old and we found a rainbow.

My Side Effect was great for all I needed on this little adventure.“

Posted in the forums by JonC

Week in Photos – Nov. 3, 2017

“Using my Packing Cube backpack during my walk in Tokyo, Japan. Picture was taken at Blue Bottle Coffee, Aoyama. I have many other pictures, stay tuned for my upcoming review about the TriStar combined with the Packing Cube Backpack :)”

A South Island Sojourn

Jenny and Joe are the photographers behind some of the (awesome) photos of our bags. We asked them to write about a trip they took to New Zealand in a guest post for our blog. – Darcy The gentle lapping of the waves was lulling me to sleep. Joe was outside, manning a camera that…

Part Two: Jenn’s Road Trip on Highway 1

Jenn's Road Trip on Highway 1

Be sure to read Part One of Jenn’s trip report, which details how and what she packed. After finding out my husband would be in southern California for work, we decided to take advantage of having a paid flight and make it our vacation for the year. We did a cross-country road trip to the Pacific Northwest last…

Part One: How Jenn Packed For Her Road Trip

Jenn's Road Trip With The Aeronaut 45 Travel Bag Packing List | TOM BIHN

Light packing has always been a bit of a stretch or wishful thinking for me. I used to lean towards a “more = better prepared” philosophy instead of “planning = better prepared.” However, in the last couple of years we’ve begun to pare down our belongings and expenses and concentrate on things that really make…

Caroline and Clark’s Family Travel Tips

Caroline and Clark's Family Travel Tips | TOM BIHN Blog

Caroline and Clark took their 8-month-old on a family trip to Italy in late 2016. They shared a few photos from the trip with us and a few travel tips, too. ~ Don’t lose your sense of humor! Traveling with an infant can add its own set of challenges, so it’s important to be able…

Knitted Gifts for the TOM BIHN Crew

TOM BIHN | Knitted Kindness

Imagine opening a big box full of colorful and intricate hand-made knitted gifts, made just for you, and in gratitude for who you are and what you do: that’s the gift a group of knitters over at the knit and crochet community Ravelry give to us each year. And it’s all coordinated and delivered by…

Photo Album: Jenny and Joe’s Hero’s Journey

You’ve seen Joe and Jenny’s (see their bio at the bottom of this post) photography work all over our website. They recently took a quick trip with some friends to test out and photograph The Hero’s Journey on planes, trains, and in the city. We can’t possibly fit all of the amazing photos they took…

Overnight At Sahale Glacier Camp

Overnight At Sahale Glacier Camp | TOM BIHN

We’ve been using The Hero’s Journey backpack on overnight backpacking trips for the past several months. Last weekend’s destination was Cascade Pass and Sahale Arm, camping for the night at the Sahale Glacier. Here’s a few photos from the trip.

News Briefs

New designs available for order 11/27 @ 8:00am PT have been revealed: meet the Pop Tote, Guide’s Edition Synapse 25, and Synapse 19/25 Internal Frames.

The Founder’s Briefcase is retiring. Once the existing Founder’s Briefcases sell out, they’ll be gone for good.

Last batch of Smart Alecs + new batch of Travel Cubelets ship 11/15 @ 8:00am PT

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