One Month In Italy

Zeke — the filmmmaker behind many of our videos — documented a 30 day trip through Northern Italy with his wife and son. In the videos he captured, he shares with us how his family packed for the trip, his favorite travel hacks, and takes us on a tour of Italy.

What and How to Pack for a Day at the Museum

What and How to Pack for a Day at the Museum

Museums aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, but they can be a great way to learn more about a place you’re visiting, explore different facets of human life, or teach you things about your own home town. Whole vacations can be built around museum-hopping, and sometimes a museum visit is just a nice way to while…

A South Island Sojourn

Jenny and Joe are the photographers behind some of the (awesome) photos of our bags. We asked them to write about a trip they took to New Zealand in a guest post for our blog. – Darcy The gentle lapping of the waves was lulling me to sleep. Joe was outside, manning a camera that…

10 Travel Tips to Make the Most of any Trip

10 Travel Tips to Make the Most of any Trip

I’m lucky enough to have been traveling pretty regularly for the past five or six years, from city breaks in Belgium to exploring the Antarctic peninsula and thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. Traveling is a part of everybody’s life in one way or another, whether on a daily commute or further afield on a multi-month adventure….

Part Two: Jenn’s Road Trip on Highway 1

Jenn's Road Trip on Highway 1

Be sure to read Part One of Jenn’s trip report, which details how and what she packed. After finding out my husband would be in southern California for work, we decided to take advantage of having a paid flight and make it our vacation for the year. We did a cross-country road trip to the Pacific Northwest last…

Part One: How Jenn Packed For Her Road Trip

Jenn's Road Trip With The Aeronaut 45 Travel Bag Packing List | TOM BIHN

Light packing has always been a bit of a stretch or wishful thinking for me. I used to lean towards a “more = better prepared” philosophy instead of “planning = better prepared.” However, in the last couple of years we’ve begun to pare down our belongings and expenses and concentrate on things that really make…

How to Choose Where to Go on Your Next Trip

How to choose your next travel destination | TOM BIHN

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I intended to be.” —Douglas Adams Where are you going on your next trip? If you’re like us, the number of destinations on your travel wish list probably exceeds your vacation days. Of all the contenders on your…

Caroline and Clark’s Family Travel Tips

Caroline and Clark's Family Travel Tips | TOM BIHN Blog

Caroline and Clark took their 8-month-old on a family trip to Italy in late 2016. They shared a few photos from the trip with us and a few travel tips, too. ~ Don’t lose your sense of humor! Traveling with an infant can add its own set of challenges, so it’s important to be able…

“Basic Economy” Airfare and Carry-on Bags

Just a few days ago, American Airlines announced that it is joining United Airlines and Delta (the largest airline carriers in the U.S.) in offering a fare class called “Basic Economy.” The concept behind Basic Economy airfares is simple: passengers get a seat at a discount, but the lower price means restrictions are in place: Basic Economy passengers…

Games for the Road

Travel Games For The Road | TOM BIHN

Travel can be fun, but in some instances it can be long and monotonous, whether we’re talking about a 45-hour cross-country train ride, a 10-hour international plane ride, a 5-hour bus trip, or a 3-hour Shinkansen. When it’s one of those times, it pays to keep yourself occupied. Other times, playing games can be a…

News Briefs

The Pre-Order window for The Truck, Small + Large Zip-Top Shop Bags and Original Small Shop Bag has closed. Our factory will now begin making the pre-ordered bags. All but the Original Small Shop Bag (due to low numbers ordered) will be made available for pre-order once again in September.

We don’t have any current plans to make future production runs of The Hero’s Journey or Moveable Feast. You can sign up on their pages to be notified if/when we make more.

Three of our most popular briefcases are back in-stock: the Pilot, Cadet, and Daylight Briefcase.

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