Forum Recap: Last Week’s Debuts (Your Photos)

Last week, we introduced a bunch of new stuff — Spiff Kits, Burnt Orange 1050d ballistic nylon, the Q-Kit in size Small and other accessories — and announced the retirement of (and last chance to order) five classic designs.

Featured photo by ncb4 from the thread Burnt Orange unboxing: and my six pack.

Mausermama did a happy dance when her new Field Journal Notebook in Red Blend arrived.

tpnl alerted us to the potentially mischievous nature of the new Small Q-Kit, complete with photographic evidence.

timothy showed us how a classical guitarist would use the Spiff Kit.

lacyfinn’s Ego got a few new stripes (and shared with us a bit about the amazing work she does).

NWhikergal posted great photos of what she came home with after visiting our Seattle Factory Showroom.

sujo’s ID arrived and he shared some awesome unboxing photos with us.

moriond shared an excellent photo Spiff Kit in the Pilot.

Badger’s thread — Stuffing the Spiff Kit and Spiff Kit Deluxe with Stuff — highlighted what once could pack in the Spiff Kit, Standard vs. Spiff Kit, Deluxe.

Moose gave a shout-out to the Field Journal Notebook for its lefty-friendliness, highlighting one of the Field Journal Notebook’s most unique (and often overlooked) features.

Ilkyway’s thread — Burned Orange – it is a statement! — had great photos of our new Burnt Orange 1050d U.S. HT ballistic nylon. Ilkyway also reviewed the Spiff Kit, Standard and Spiff Kit, Deluxe.

Squirrel’s unboxing revealed a Field Journal Notebook in Grey, amongst other good stuff.

And May emailed us this photo of her new Zephyr being unboxed, with curious Pumpkin the cat checking it out as well:


As always: if we missed a great photo, review, or other contribution, let us know about it! We read the Forums throughout the day but sometimes things get a bit busy and we might miss a great post.


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News Briefs

Early reviews of the Luminary 12 / 15 from the Forum community are in. See L15 reviews by logan_g, G42, Lia, anna2222, Quiltmama, and L12 reviews by marbenais, awurrlu and L12/L15 comparison reviews by Cristina, aedifica, bartleby.

The new Luminary 12 and Luminary 15 backpacks + bags in 210d ballistic nylon will be up for pre-order on 02/26. Details here.

We posted a very early heads-up on our March 5th, 2019 (roughly 6%) price increase in the Forums along with news of Shop Bags in 210d ballistic nylon.

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