Forum Roundup: The Big Reveal

eWalker counting down to the reveal.

eWalker counting down to the reveal.

The last day of June marked the arrival of a long-awaited event: the unveiling of five new TOM BIHN designs. Forum members had been aware of (and eagerly anticipating) one item, the Aeronaut 30, which was originally requested back in 2008 and which, this April, Darcy said would become a summer reality. However, the Crew was tight-lipped about the other four designs, leading to much speculation.

As May became June, forum members began searching for ways to pass the time until the new products were released, making wish lists of hypothetical items, auditioning self-distraction techniques, or planning vacations to Seattle. In the days leading up to the big reveal, the forum was abuzz with high levels of excitement, which very well may have bordered on the obsessive: there were reports of members endlessly hitting the “Refresh” button on the product pages and the blog to see if an announcement had been made; others tried to wheedle, cajole, bribe, threaten, or otherwise persuade Darcy to spill the beans, but to no avail. Three days out, trailhiker set up a countdown to June 30, and, with one day to go, eWalker began posting countdown updates (down to the millisecond). It didn’t help that a few forum members knew about some of the new items because they were testing or reviewing them, and their teasing only fanned the fires of impatience and anticipation.

At long last the announcement was made, to a round of virtual hosannas, cheers, and joyful weeping.  Within 30 minutes of the reveal, the first review of the Aeronaut 30 was posted on One Bag, One World, and within an hour, a thread emerged detailing the items that forum members had already ordered (at last count, that thread was 9 pages and 129 posts long).

And then the pictures began appearing!  taminca, who has achieved great forum fame for her photo essays on the multiple uses for various TOM BIHN items, posted a series of uses she had devised for the Q-Kit.  Darcy posted a picture of the Night Flight Travel Duffle being stitched together, highlighting the appearance of Coyote 1050D Ballistic Nylon fabric (which so far had been used only in sister company Skookum Dog designs).  NWHikergal, who lives in Seattle, posted a number of pictures of her new 1000D French Blue Cordura Daylight Backpack (see here, here, here, and here for all of them), inciting much admiration and covetousness.  See here for taminca’s photo essay of her French Blue Daylight Backpack, and here for Hawaii’s 400D Black Dyneema Daylight Backpack, which she kindly bought for her husband to use as his personal carry-on item when they fly (click here to see what he can pack in it, with room to spare).

It’s been an exhilarating (and exhausting!) week on the forum!  We hope you’ll stop by to look at the pictures, read some of the threads, and post something yourself as well!

NWHikergal's Daylight Backpack, Q-kits, and stuffed kitty.

NWHikergal‘s Daylight Backpack, Q-Kits, and stuffed kitty.



News Briefs

New designs available for order 11/27 @ 8:00am PT have been revealed: meet the Pop Tote, Guide’s Edition Synapse 25, and Synapse 19/25 Internal Frames.

The Founder’s Briefcase is retiring. Once the existing Founder’s Briefcases sell out, they’ll be gone for good.

Last batch of Smart Alecs + new batch of Travel Cubelets ship 11/15 @ 8:00am PT

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