Our Hearts Are With Those Affected By Disaster

TOM BIHN Donation Crane

Hurricane Harvey, the earthquake in Mexico City, Hurricane Irma, and the wildfires across the west: these natural disasters have impacted family of various crew here at TOM BIHN as well as the many people we think of as friends who happen to use our bags.

TOM BIHN, Inc. has made donations to the following organizations on behalf of our friends, family, and the many people we don’t know who are impacted by these events.

American Red Cross (earmarked for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief)

Direct Relief for Mexico City Earthquake

Direct Relief for Puerto Rico

Humane Society of the United States (earmarked for Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma relief)

We briefly considered offering a version of our Donation Crane dedicated to disaster relief efforts; ultimately, we felt it best for donations to be sent directly to the organizations who need them during these times of crises.

That said, as a way of offering a Donation Crane to everyone out there reading this, we asked our friend and artist Dan Bransfield to create this watercolor Donation Crane so we could share something with you. Feel free to right-click and download it.

TOM BIHN Donation Crane Watercolor by Dan Bransfield

Update 09/12/2017

We received an email from HSUS thanking us for our donation; they shared a few photos with us of the adoptable dogs and cats they were able to transfer out of Texas before and after Hurricane Harvey. HSUS transfers of these dogs and cats meant that Houston-area and Texas shelters had more room to take in dogs and cats displaced by the storm so that they can be reunited with their families.

Our Hearts Are With Those Impacted by Disaster | TOM BIHN | Humane Society of The United States

Our Hearts Are With Those Impacted by Disaster | TOM BIHN | Humane Society of The United States


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