Ian’s Every Day Carry

– iPad Air 2 with product(RED) Smart Case
Pencil by FiftyThree
House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski
– Amazon Kindle PaperWhite
– TOM BIHN Cordura Pocket Pouch with Apple EarPods
– TOM BIHN Cork Wallet
Writer Emergency Pack
– Moleskine ruled hardcover journal
– Uniball Vision Micro 0.7mm pen
– Bic lighter
Fisher Space Pen
– Two (2) nylon probe tools
– Charging cables on carabiner
– TOM BIHN Cordura Organizer Pouch with glasses case

I’ve loved reading my entire life, but I’ve always struggled with keeping all of my books at my fingertips. There are just too many of them to carry around with me all the time. The arrival of tablet technology has allowed me to fit thousands of books into the space of a single paperback, but it has taken away the tactile pleasure of pages between fingers and the musty smell of history.

When I started writing, I was writing in notebooks, falling in love with the pocket-sized Moleskine notebooks. They afforded me a sanctuary whenever I needed to step back from the world to admire it. As my writing got more sophisticated, and as I started sharing it more, I found that the iPad was the ideal portable computer for my craft. It also serves as a sketch pad and music player to keep my creative juices flowing.

The Small Café Bag allows me to fit everything I need to pursue my passion for reading and my compulsion for writing, and nothing more. This latter point is the best-kept secret of what makes Tom Bihn’s bags so perfect. Anyone can build a bag that holds everything. A craftsman can make a bag that holds everything you need.

But an artist designs a bag that holds nothing more than it needs to. The bag almost disappears, and it becomes a pure vehicle for your contents. I can reach casually to my side, draw out a keystrap and know exactly what I’ll have in my hand. My books and my writing tools are nestled together so that nothing shifts or sloshes as I dart toward the bus, and the water-resistant coating keeps them dry and ready, even in Portland’s precipitous climate.

I love my café bag. I never leave home without it.

Ian Hayes, author at TOMIH, lives and writes in Portland, Oregon.

Ian Hayes

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