Last Week in Photos

Just a few of the great photos you shared with us last week (thank you!)


“I spent the day at the hospital yesterday because my daughter was having surgery. She’s now home and comfortably resting. I switched all of my things out of my Pop Tote and into my Luminary because I suspected I would need to be hands free as much as possible. I was right, too. I had to carry my daughter’s things and help her maneuver to the wheel chair and into the vehicle.
I never cease to be amazed at how much this little bag can tote. I put in my Travel Cubelet, a 16 oz. water bottle, my knitting in the bag (embroidered by a friend), my Hobonichi A6 planner, my iPad, several documents, a large sunglasses case, reading glasses, and two or three TOM BIHN Small and Mini Organizer Pouches.

While my daughter was in surgery, I managed to knit quite a bit on her sock that I’m hoping to finish in time for Christmas.”

Posted in the Forums by Mausermama


“Multi-tasking: working on epp while watching football (thanks for the tv JetBlue!) at thirty thousand feet cross country.”

Photo by @spinster.revival


“Back on the road again with my Steel collection.
Tri-Star, Cadet and Ristretto (car travel so didn’t need to pack light). Now if I could just find that elusive Steel Western Flyer…. “

Posted in the Forums by Perseffect


“At Hangzhou for a weekend. I brought the Synapse 25 with the Side Kick inside. Hubby had his backpack and SCB. The LSB carried our shopping. I used the 1-inch padded waist strap to help distribute the load to the hips. Wore it under my T-shirt and jacket so it didn’t look obvious. The Synapse 25 looked like a regular backpack then.
We had checked out of the hotel and was still sightseeing before catching the high speed rail back to Shanghai.”

Posted in the Forums by panda2mama


“My Hero’s Journey and Ristretto accompanied me to Norway earlier this year.”

Posted in the Forums by ottermatic


Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland with the Maker’s Bag
Photo submitted by Mary


“Loving these bags by Tom Bihn in Alphaviolet 525 denier Ballistic Nylon! Clockwise from top left: Pop Tote, Luminary, Cubelet, Travel Cubelet“>Travel Cubelet.”

Photo by @instachickengram


“Standing by the lake with frozen face.”

Photo by @shouraisan_kaguya


“I became a band “parent” this year when my DD joined the 300 member high school marching band. The Alphaviolet Travel Cubelet was perfect for carrying around my wallet and keys, iPhone, Band parent badge, gloves and hand warmers, flashlight, hand lotion, OPs with snacks, etc.”

Posted in the Forums by gochicken


“My S19 helps me carry only the bare essentials. Nothing expect the most vital items for my day to day life.”

Posted in the Forums by edward.dennihy


“My Guide’s Pack on the way back home from a business trip. The vertical Freudian Slip helped me to organize the laptop and other office stuff. I absolutely love the style of this bag: clear lines, wonderful colors, distinguished materials and finish but still a down-to-earth appearance. And most important: it carries great!”

Posted in the Forums by bartleby


Synapse 25 classin’ up the joint at the Charles Hotel, Boston.”

Posted in the Forums by AmyMo


allen with his Synapse 25 at Ayers Rock in Australia
Photo submitted by allen



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