“This is an ad hoc solution, nowhere near as elegant as the brand new Insert/Outsert. But if you have a smaller DSLR, or any of the smaller mirrorless micro-4/3 or other ILCs (interchangeable lens cameras), and/or you don’t carry as much gear around with you, and/or you’re just taking your camera and a spare lens out with you for a photo excursion, I think the Co-Pilot is an excellent choice.”

Main compartment:

•Olympus e620 DSLR with 25mm pancake lens attached
•Billingham single insert with camera inside
•Olympus 40-150mm Zuiko lens (the older, faster, and larger version), in soft pouch
•Olympus 35mm macro lens (Zuiko), in soft pouch
•Olympus 14-42mm Zuiko lens, in soft pouch
• Two filters in hard cases inside repurposed neoprene floppy disk case (in slip pocket)
•Two filters in hard cases, loose (in slip pocket)
•Cardinal Ballistic mini OP (empty at the moment)

ncb4 on the Co-Pilot as a camera bag

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