New for April 1st! Extreme Security Organizer Pouch

Extreme Security Organizer Pouch

Important items such as your passport, cash, and keys can be stored in the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch.

It’s a TOM BIHN tradition to unveil a new bag every April 1st, and this year is no exception. In 2013, we debuted our Cafe Bag for Carl Jung’s The Red Book. And in 2014, we debuted the Flocculent Swift.

This year, we are proud to debut a design created for anyone who wants to make sure their belongings are extra secure: meet the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch.

Featuring a YKK zipper without the slider or pull, the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch offers the utmost in peace of mind. Because, once they’re in, items can never come out, you can rest assured that no one, not even you, will be able to remove your items from the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch. Putting items into the Pouch is as easy as drinking water from a Klein Bottle.

We recommend employing some imagination and creativity when it comes to utilizing the items you choose to store in the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch:

On a diet? Put your snacks inside of the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch.

April Fools 2015 | TOM BIHN

Bracelets and other fine jewelry are best worn while inside the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch; simply use one hand to wrap the Pouch over the other wrist.

April Fools 2015 | TOM BIHN

Extreme Security Organizer Pouch. $99.99. Limited time only. Included is a complimentary set of Ginsu knives should you need to access the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch in an emergency; as the knives are shipped inside of the Extreme Security Organizer Pouch, we recommend purchase of an additional emergency pouch access device (EPAD).


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