New: Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount

New at TOM BIHN: Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount

Our Guardian Dual Function Light is now available in two versions — our current Guardian DF Light Original Base and the new Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount.

The Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount features a clever base that allows you to mount the light securely to either a 1″ / 25 mm or a 1.5″ / 38 mm webbing (strap). This is great for those who will use their Guardian DF Light primarily as an exterior light or safety beacon. For a forward-facing light, you can mount it on the 1″ / 25 mm webbing of your backpack shoulder strap, or mount it anywhere along a 1.5″ / 38 mm shoulder strap for a shoulder bag or messenger bag. For safety from vehicles approaching from behind there are numerous potential attachment points on the backside of most backpacks and other bags, TOM BIHN or otherwise. Note that the Brain Bag, Smart Alec, and Synapse 25 all have webbing loops added to the front designed specifically to work with the Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount. You can also attach a Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount to your dog’s 1″ / 25 mm collar or harness and set the light to flashing mode for added nighttime visibility and safety.

Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount. $18. Available in Red or White. In stock and ships within one business day. Made to military specifications in Canada.

TOM BIHN: Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount

We’ll continue to offer the Guardian DF Light Original Base; paired with its included TOM BIHN made lanyard, it makes for a great interior bag light.


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