Synik 22 and Synik 30 in-stock on November 5th

Our fulfillment crew has shipped all remaining Synik pre-orders! That means the “Late November” pre-orders shipped in “Late October”. And our Seattle factory being this ahead of schedule means that the Synik 22 and Synik 30 will be in-stock for the very first time in early November.

We’ve decided to split the restock of the Synik over two days and at two different times just in case they sell out. It’s possible they won’t, because we’ve made a lot, but we wanted to be prepared to offer a chance to order a Synik to more people, especially those who may have varying work/life/family schedules.

The dates for the Synik 22 and Synik 30 restocks:

First 1/2 of Synik restock: Tuesday, November 5th, at 7:00am Pacific Time
Second 1/2 of Synik restock: Thursday, November 7th, at 5:00pm Pacific Time

If the first 1/2 of the restock doesn’t sell out, we’ll still add the remaining inventory on November 7th. And if both restocks sell out know that our Seattle factory crew is continuing to work on multiple production runs of the Synik 22 and Synik 30; our goal is to stock the Synik through December.

If you have questions, or need a Synik for a particular event or trip, feel free to reach out:


Q&A with Di

Di has been a Sewing/Joining Professional at TOM BIHN for over 10 years. Joining is a skill that requires focus, strength, ability, and talent, and Di is a master at her craft. Last week, we had a company lunch to celebrate her retirement. We are all sad that we won’t get to work with Di every day like we have for so long, but we’re also glad that she gets to enjoy her retirement! Below: Lisa and Kim’s interview with Di about what her next plans are.

Di recently retired after 10 years with our company; here’s our Q&A in which we ask what she’ll be doing next.

What are your plans for retirement?
I’m looking forward to helping my son and daughter with their kids and spending more time with my family. My son and daughter each have two kids, they both work, and I help out in various ways. I take my grandkids to school, and I also help out around the house with cooking and cleaning.

You also sew as a hobby. Will you continue to sew as a hobby in retirement?
Yes! I’m a tailor, and I like to adjust and fit clothes for my kids and my grandkids. Sometimes I’ll make entire outfits for my grandkids.

Do you have plans to travel anywhere?
I’m looking forward to traveling to China to visit my family. I also have plans to go visit different parts of the United States; I have a sister who lives in New York.

We’ve always appreciated your positive outlook on life. What keeps you so positive?
I loved my work, and I loved where I work; my bosses are so kind, my coworkers are wonderful. That’s why it was such a hard decision to retire. I want to share story: I went to the Social Security office to notify them that I was going to be retiring. The employee at the office who helped me asked what company I was working for, and I said TOM BIHN. The employee said, “I know TOM BIHN, they make such great quality bags!”

I immediately felt so proud and happy. That is such a great compliment to our company, but also to me, to my coworkers; the quality work we all put into sewing and constructing a bag is appreciated.


How To Pack Light For A Family Trip to Hawaii

Zeke — the person behind the camera of many of our videos — recently took a trip to Hawaii with his wife and son. Each of them took a Daylight Briefcase and a Daylight Backpack in the spirit of packing light. The first video below shows what and how they packed; the second video is of the trip itself.

Our Q&A with Zeke:

What do you wish you had packed that you didn’t?
I’ve been ultralight packing for a long time — over 100 trips by now to all different climates and with stays of all different lengths — so I’ve got it pretty dialed in. But I still learn something on just about every trip. For example, I’ve never owned a strap/band for my sunglasses. You know, those things that keep them from falling of your head. It was so lovely and sunny there I wore my sunglasses to float in the ocean. Next thing you know, a wave plucks them right off my face. They’re really nice sunglasses and I felt like a dope. Fortunately my wife is a superhero and when she went in the ocean about 20 minutes later, she found them!

Is there an item that you packed that you didn’t end up using?
I picked up these really cool looking swim trunks for the trip. Turned out they are good pool trunks but terrible ocean trunks! The first big wave rendered the Velcro useless and my trunks around my ankles! Needless to say, we went to a shop and got a proper pair of board shorts for the rest of the trip.

Question for all three of you: what was your favorite part of the trip?
The Wife: Shutting off and relaxing on the beach.
The Husband: The ocean. Floating for hours and hours in the ocean — and getting to spend quality time with my family.
The Son: Shaved ice for breakfast!

Your trip seemed like the ideal mix of exploring and just totally relaxing by doing nothing. Does that come naturally to you guys or do you have to make an effort to unwind?
We’re a type A family. So if we’re going to relax we have to work at it. And we’re going make sure we do a darn good job of it, too. 🙂

Full Packing Lists:

The Wife

In the Daylight Backpack:
Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube End Pocket
Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Small Laundry
Shorts & Sarong
Shampoo, Conditioner, Gel, Essential Oils
2 Pair Flip Flops

In the Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube End Pocket:
Rash Guard
Tank Top
Bathing Suit Cover-up

In the Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Small Laundry Packing Cube:
2x Bathing Suit, 4x Underwear, Bra, Skirt, Dress
Bathing Suit Cover-up

In the Daylight Briefcase:
Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch – Small
Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch – Mini
Spiff Kit – Deluxe
Travel Cubelet
Key Straps & Pen

In the Cubelet:
Eye Drops
3x Lip Balm
Mirror & Hairbands

In the Small Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch:
Glasses & Cleaning Cloth

In the Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch:
Noise Canceling Headphones

In the Deluxe Spiff Kit:
5x Make-up, 4x Make-up Brushes,
3x Face Cream, Hand Lotion,
Conditioner, Contacts, Lens Case,
2x Soap, Floss, Toothbrush,
Q-tips, Razor

In the Travel Cubelet:
Credit Cards, Cash, Cell Phone
Lip Gloss, Keys, Sunglasses

The Husband

In Daylight Backpack:
3D Organizer Cube, Clear
Aeronaut 30 Packing Cubes – Small Laundry
Packing Cube Shoulder Bag
Flip Flops
Small Tripod & Book

In the Clear 3D Organizer Cube:
Shampoo, Conditioner, Bodywash, Toothpaste, Toothbrush

In the Small Laundry Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube:
Rash Guard, 4x Socks, 4x Boxers

In the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag:
Swim Trunks, Shorts, Belt, 3x T-Shirts

In Daylight Briefcase:
3D Organizer Cube Mesh
Travel Fork & Spoon
Water Bottle
Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch – Super Mini
Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch – Mini
Key Straps
Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch – Small
GoPro w/ Handle
Noise Canceling Headphones

In the Mesh 3D Organizer Cube:
4x Camera Batteries, Memory Card, ND Filters, Camera, Battery Charger

In the Cubelet:
USB Adaptors, Pen, Earplugs, USB Cable, Phone Charger, Backup Battery
Handkerchief, USB C Cable

In the Super Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch:
Vitamins, Peppermint Oil, Lip Balm

In the Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch:
GoPro Accessories

In the Small Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch:

The Son

In Daylight Backpack:
Fins, Flip Flops, Travel Stuff Sack Size 3, 2x T-Shirts,
Travel Stuff Sack Size 2, 3x Shorts

In the Travel Stuff Sack Size 3:
2x Swim Trunks, 4x Socks, PJ’s

In the Travel Stuff Sack Size 2:
3x Underwear, Rashguard

In Daylight Briefcase:
Book, Earbuds, Ereader, Sunglasses, Chapstick,
Spiff Kit, Water Bottle

In the Spiff Kit:
Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch Filled w/ Lucky Rocks
Toothbrush w/ 2 Heads, Card Game, Belt, Swim Goggles

Zeke Kamm is a filmmaker; he’s the person behind the camera of many of our bag videos. His latest projects: The Last Blockbuster and the Unwinder podcast.


News Briefs

Now available for the first time in 525d ballistic nylon: Aeronaut 30 and Maker’s Bag. Coming soon: Aeronaut 45.

We’re retiring our Road Buddy Duffel 36 and Road Buddy Duffel 60 to make way for new designs. If you’ve been thinking about a Road Buddy, you may want to order soon, as we won’t be making further production runs.

We’ve updated our Planet page with additional efforts: we’re operationally carbon neutral, members of 1% For The Planet, we offer a vegetarian company lunch, and over 80% of our materials are bluesign® and/or OEKO-TEX® certified.

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