The Workspace Series: Pokilani’s Setup

The Workspace Interview Series: Pokilani's Setup

Welcome to the Workspace Series—glimpses into the offices, desks, and other work and play environments of our Forum members and the TOM BIHN crew. Forum name: Pokilani What do you do? (If it’s your professional workspace, what’s your job; if it’s your hobby workspace, what’s your hobby?) I work at a large university where I mostly advise undergraduate…

Pattern Making, Tom Bihn Style

TOM BIHN Pattern Making In Design

I think I was 11 years old when I made my first pattern — probably for a down-filled vest. Or, no, maybe it was a daypack. Being autodidactic in one’s youth almost guarantees one’s being an iconoclast later in life: thus, like so many other things, I approach pattern making as an outsider. Had I…

Hut-Hiking and Hike-In Trips in the Lower 48

Hut-To-Hut Hiking in North America | TOM BIHN

Tom designed our upcoming Hero’s Journey travel backpack (debuts September 27th) to be a best tool for fly-to-hike travel. It’s great for world travel / backpacking to be sure, but also for hut-to-hut hiking and hike-in lodge trips, too. Think of hut-to-hut hiking as a civilized form of camping: the “huts” (often beautiful lodges) provide you…

News Briefs

New FAQs: Debut Schedule, How Debuts Work + How To Get Notified

We posted a photo on Instagram of Tom’s very first pack design.

The Guide’s Pack is now back in stock, just in time for that autumn hike!

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