New! Super Mini Ghost Whale, Nik’s Wallet #5, and new bags in 210d ballistic

Packing Cube Backpack + Spiff Kit + Travel Stuff Sack + #5 Minimalist Wallet in 210d ballistic.

We’ve got a few new-ish items available for order today. Have questions or feedback? Post here in our Forums or

Super Mini Ghost Whale Organizer Pouch

We die-cut the fabric to make our various organizer pouches using a die press and that means we order a specific size of die for every organizer pouch. When we ordered the die for our Mini Ghost Whale Pouch, our die maker goofed and sent us a die that was smaller than the Mini — lucky us (and perhaps you as well). This is probably the smallest size of Ghost Whale we can ever make.

Nik’s Minimalist Wallet #5

Nik's Minimalist Wallet #5 | TOM BIHN

The top requested variation on Nik’s original minimalist wallets was: make a #3 wallet but replace its urethane clear plastic pocket with a fabric pocket. Done. And here it is…

Bags now available in 210d ballistic nylon
Some of you have asked us to make more bags available in 210d ballistic nylon. As you wish:

Aeronaut 30 Packing Cube Backpack
Aeronaut 45 Packing Cube Backpack
Tri-Star/Western Flyer Packing Cube Backpack

TOM BIHN Packing Cube Backpacks in Dawn and Island 210d ballistic nylon

TOM BIHN Packing Cube Backpack Aeronaut 30 in Black 210d ballistic nylon

We will continue to offer the Packing Cube Backpacks in 200d Halcyon Northwest Sky only. Colors Iberian, Wasabi, Ultraviolet and Island will only be available in occasional production runs.

Travel Laundry Stuff Sack (both sizes)

Spiff Kit (Standard and Deluxe versions)

Spiff Kit Deluxe in Black 210d ballistic


Travel Stuff Sacks (all sizes)

Travel Stuff Sack in Cloud | TOM BIHN


Travel Tray (both sizes)

TOM BIHN Travel Tray in Black 210d ballistic


With the exception of the Packing Cube Backpacks, all other bags will continue to be available in all five 200d Halcyon colors: Northwest Sky, Island, Wasabi, Ultraviolet, and Iberian.

A note on the various hands of our 210d ballistic nylon
“Hand” in fabric refers to the feel of the fabric as you handle the item – most folks would relate to hand as a “soft vs. stiff” thing. Variances in weaving, and ever-progressing changes in treatments and coating due to evolving new, more environmentally friendly processes, can result in different colors or batches of fabric having slightly different hands. We’ve experienced a somewhat greater than usual variance in our 210 ballistic fabric, so here’s a quick guide to the hand of each color of our current batches of 210d ballistic nylon:

Most structured hand: Black
Medium structure: Dawn, Viridian, Cloud, Grass, Island
Least structured/most similar to 200d Halcyon: Coyote

So many colors and options!
There’s now even more colors from which to choose: makes color-coded organizational packing even easier.


Q&A with Kat

Kat is a Bag Expert here at TOM BIHN. If you’ve emailed us, chances are you’ve spoken with Kat. She’s famous amongst our crew and the people who buy our bags for her service as well as her box art and doodles.

Box art by Kat | TOM BIHN

What are your box art tools of the trade, so to speak?
Usually I do an outline in pencil, do an outline with a sharpie and color in colored pencil. Colored pencils seem to show up the best on the boxes.

Do you have an art style that you prefer to work in for box-art?
I have a pretty cartoon-y style. 🙂 I like making things look funny or cute, something that would bring a smile to people when they get their package.

Do you have a favorite piece of box art?
I have probably a good handful of box art I’ve liked over the years! Probably among my favorites are Darth Vader going camping, a T-Rex taking a rocket to the moon, and a B-movie poster-esque one.

Darth Vader Goes Camping | Box art by Kat | TOM BIHN

Is there any sort of medium, style, or subject you really want to work with for a piece of box art?
I like taking interesting requests from people, or try to personalize it to what a person might be doing with the bag they’re getting. If there isn’t any specific request, I always enjoy drawing my tiny robots going on adventures and trying on hats.

What’s the most challenging request for box art that you’ve received?
Some one once put a comment ‘Do a Barrell Roll’ on an order and I drew the Ar-Wings from the video game Star Fox—definitely a challenge to make sleek space ships for me, but worth it!

Star Wars | Box art by Kat | TOM BIHN

Is there a box art request you wish for / hope to receive?
I love doing pop culture type drawings, animals and dinosaurs.

Box art by Kat | TOM BIHN

Your trademark doodles are robots and kitties. Nik’s About Us page bio says simply “Kitties and Robots”. Is this a coincidence, or are you and Nik furthering the robot and kitty agenda?
I can neither confirm nor deny this. Please stare at this word until you’ve forgotten you asked this question: POTATO.

How much do you doodle and draw outside of work? Or, what are your creative outlets outside of work?
I do some doodling in my journal that I keep. I also write and perform singer/songwriter and comedic songs about the random stuff I love in my life.

Kat at our holiday party. She’s wearing a Princess Leia hat knitted by the TOM BIHN Ravelry group.


Dream trip to New Zealand: Packing List + Tips

Zeke had always dreamed of visiting New Zealand.

Here’s what he packed when the trip became a reality:

On the Plane
Carbon fiber buckle Grip 6 belt
Olukai Eleu Trainer shoes – Later switched to Vans slip ons
FITS Ultra Light Runner socks
Bluffworks Chino
Bluffworks Meridian shirt
Patagonia Nano Puff Jacket
Synapse 25

In the Synapse 25
2x Hydro Flask 18 oz Wide Mouth
RFID Passport Pouch & Passport
Sungod Custom Classics2 Sunglasses

In the 3D Organizer Cube, Clear
Electric Toothbrush,
Tooth Powder & Hair Puddy
in Contact Lens Cases,
Soap & Shampoo Bar in Zip Lock
Deodorant Stick,
Sunscreen Powder & Stick
Kent KFM4 Folding Brush

In the 3D Organizer Cube, Fabric
Nomad USB Key w/ adaptor
USB C cable
Plug Adaptors
Vitamins In Altoid Tins
USB Charger
Cables, etc.

Reef Flip Flops in a grocery bag

In the Packing Cube Shoulder Bag
Thunderbolt Shorts
Thunderbolt belt buckle
3 pair Smartwool
3 pair Fits socks
3 pair
Wool & Prince
boxer briefs
4 T-Shirts

In the Side Kick
A Key Strap
Mini Halcyon Organizer Pouch w/essential oils & lip balm
USB Battery
Retractable USB Cable
Bose QC20 Noise Canceling Earbuds
Kobo eReader
Dreamweaver Eye Mask
ER•20 Earplugs
Big Idea Design Ti Pocket Pro Pen
Phone Stand
Pocket Travel Pillow
WIZO Foldable Keyboard
Tray Note

In the Mini Q-Kit
Eco Dept. Travel Towel

In the 3D Organizer Cube, Mesh
Smartwool Hoodie

Last but not least…
Size 4 Travel Stuff Sack for dirty clothes


News Briefs

Now available for the first time in 525d ballistic nylon: Aeronaut 30 and Maker’s Bag. Coming soon: Aeronaut 45.

We’re retiring our Road Buddy Duffel 36 and Road Buddy Duffel 60 to make way for new designs. If you’ve been thinking about a Road Buddy, you may want to order soon, as we won’t be making further production runs.

We’ve updated our Planet page with additional efforts: we’re operationally carbon neutral, members of 1% For The Planet, we offer a vegetarian company lunch, and over 80% of our materials are bluesign® and/or OEKO-TEX® certified.

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