Photo: Yarn Harlot with her Swift in Cork

TOM BIHN Swift in Cork, Yarn Harlot

See larger versions of the above photos at Yarn Harlot. Also: the Swift in Cork.


Photo by nrvs: Tri-Star Ready to go at Dulles

TOM BIHN Tri-Star at Dulles photo by nrvs

See the larger version of the above photo by nrvs. See also: the Tri-Star.


Photos: Shipping Room, Tom Drives Our New Forklift

Not too many new photos today — we were busy unpacking.

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory moving... to Seattle
A Medium Cafe Bag in Conifer stocked in our new shipping room.

TOM BIHN Seattle Factory moving... to Seattle
Tom sets off to move some stuff with our new forklift.


News Briefs

Early reviews of the Luminary 12 / 15 from the Forum community are in. See L15 reviews by logan_g, G42, Lia, anna2222, Quiltmama, and L12 reviews by marbenais, awurrlu and L12/L15 comparison reviews by Cristina, aedifica, bartleby.

The new Luminary 12 and Luminary 15 backpacks + bags in 210d ballistic nylon will be up for pre-order on 02/26. Details here.

We posted a very early heads-up on our March 5th, 2019 (roughly 6%) price increase in the Forums along with news of Shop Bags in 210d ballistic nylon.

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