The Setup: What does Mark Jardine use to get stuff done?

Posted in the thread started by MyJourneys: “Review: Tri-Star, Medium Cafe Bag, Organizer Wallet, etc. :)”

“[The Tri-Star] fit under plane seats with room to spare. On several recent trips, the flight attendants were banning all wheeled bags (regardless of size) from being carried on due to space issues, I was able to walk right on with no issues. Instead of fighting to beat the crowds to insure overhead space, now I sit and relax while everyone else waits in slow-moving lines to board, then I walk right to my seat, pull my Cafe Bag out of the center pocket, tuck my Tri-Star underneath the seat in front of me, and have a seat. No more fighting to get in the front of the line for overhead space. I’m so care-free and relaxed that I’ve caught other travelers throwing some envious looks my way.”