Video: Packing the Smart Alec for a hike

Bags + accessories:
Smart Alec in Black/Black/Wasabi
Vertical Brain Cell, Size 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina (unclipped/removed in the beginning)
8-inch Utility Strap
14-inch Utility Strap
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 4, Wasabi
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 3, Steel
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 2, Iberian
Whistle Sternum Strap Half in Bright Orange

Packing List:
Wool hat
First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
Emergency Fire Starter Kit
Multitool (tethered to an 8-inch Utility Strap)
Flashlight (tethered to a 14-inch Utility Strap)
Rain/snow pants (in a Travel Stuff Sack, Size 4, Wasabi)
Water filter (in a Travel Stuff Sack, Size 3, Steel)
Stove fuel
Burner (in a Travel Stuff Sack, Size 2, Iberian)
Mountain House “Chicken and Rice” and Natural High “Brownies”
Hand warmers
Hydration bladder
Bobo’s Oat Bar
Whistle Sternum Strap Half in Bright Orange


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