Introducing the Workspace Series: tebnewyork’s Setup

What’s in your bag right now? What about inside your fridge? Or how about on your desk?

If you do an internet search using any of those questions, you’ll come up with hundreds—if not thousands—of lists, photos, videos. There are probably lots of reasons why this sort of thing is so popular, but what it comes down to is that  looking into someone’s everyday spaces allows you to see a glimpse of their lives.

Members of the TOM BIHN Crew and Forum inhabit a multitude of work—and play—spaces, and over the next few weeks we’ll showcase some of them. See where we work, what we do, and the items and designs we find indispensable in our professional, personal, and creative lives.

Kicking things off: tebnewyork’s setup

Forum name: tebnewyork

What do you do? (If it’s your professional workspace, what’s your job; if it’s your hobby workspace, what’s your hobby?)

I’m Chief Investment Officer at an internet startup that does Investment Management (Robo Advisor if you’ve heard the term).

What sorts of things went into the planning of your workspace?

Screen real estate but not just for work; I’m an avid photographer.

What are some important tools in your workspace? 

With the internet and nature of my work being online with my team all day (I work remotely), it is really just having good connectivity and again—screen real estate. The scanner comes in handy sometimes. I also like to keep up on news and markets during the day so TV is important. My desk right how is super clean because I’m moving and was selling the apartment. I won’t have my new setup until mid January.



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We're the TOM BIHN crew: we design bags, make bags, ship bags, and answer questions about bags. Oh, and we collaborate on blog posts, too.

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  1. sujo on 18 January 2016 4:16 am at 4:16 am

    Very nice. I love the set up! I especially like the desk.

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