Your Photos Are Needed: Volume 3

We put the call out on our Forums for your photos of your bags—and you answered. I mean, you really did: 24 pages of awesome bag photos and counting. You guys rock. Here’s links to Volume 1 and Volume 2 of Your Photos Are Needed. And here’s a random selection of just a few of the photos for Volume 3:

Aeon's Small Cafe Bag and a Friend
Aeon’s Small Cafe Bag.

Pokilani's Shop Bags
Pokilani’s Shop Bags.

terayon's road trip
terayon’s Shop Bag serving as road trip organization.

tpnl harvests maple syrup with his Synapse 25 along for the ride.

NWhikergal's Easter Peeps
NWhikergal’s Easter Peeps.

kkintea's Bags
kkintea’s Daylight Briefcase and Little Swift


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News Briefs

Restocked this week: our Brain Bag and Synapse 25 backpacks and the Side Kick sling/waist/shoulder pack.

EveryDayCommentary, Fatih Arslan, and Living One Handed have new reviews Nik’s Minimalist Wallet. Dominique reviewed the Synapse 19. Shoba Narayan reviewed the Aeronaut 30 + Synapse.

Early reviews of the Luminary 12 / 15 from the Forum community are in. See L15 reviews by logan_g, G42, Lia, anna2222, Quiltmama, and L12 reviews by marbenais, awurrlu and L12/L15 comparison reviews by Cristina, aedifica, bartleby.

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